Rank Interactive, owners of the very popular online bingo room Mecca Bingo, might have just announced a 10% year-on-year revenue increase but online bingo players don’t really care that much about all the mumbo jumbo coming from the Stock Exchange execs, all they care about is how to get the best possible online bingo experience.

Increase in revenue was helped big time by the exclusive deal with reality show juggernaut Britain’s Got Talent but the overall marketing investment and advertising campaign on TV that went along with it saw operating profits take a huge tumble, down a steep 23% for the first six months of 2010. Surprisingly enough, Rank revealed that the Mecca Bingo website would be getting a major facelift in the latter half of the year. It has to be said that for such a major brand the website does fail to deliver or live up to its name and reputation.

On the other hand, if you drop by the Britain’s Got Talent Bingo Room tonight, Friday July 30th, you will see that this site is giving you plenty of chances of winning some great cash prizes. Two popular cash games include Jumping for Joy which plays at 8:38pm, 9:38pm and 11:38pm and features £150 pots playing on 25p cards while Buzzer Bonanza plays on 50p cards with £200 cash prizes at 7:08pm, 8:08pm, 9:08pm, and 10:08pm.

Furthermore, a huge array of great online bingo games will take place across the rest of the bingo rooms and with such big cash prizes up for the taking it’s no wonder Mecca Bingo is your choice for bingo. Evening Link takes place at 7pm and 8pm with £500 pots on 50p cards while Mecca Mayhem will also attract your attention with a £750 and £1,250 cash prizes playing at 9pm and 10pm respectively. Pounds plays at 11pm and has a £1,000 cash prize whereas the biggest game of the night is at 10:30pm with a £4,000 Bingo Link game.

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