It has been proven time and time again, that even though the 4th of July celebrations might be a holiday renowned primarily in the USA, UK online bingo rooms are jumping at any given opportunity to offer their online bingo players some of their best and most exciting bingo promotions on this particular day.

Take Tasty Bingo for example and their £2,000 Summer Holiday Promotion set to take place this coming Sunday, July 4th. During this bingo game, three of you will have the opportunity to win a share of the £2k cash prize pool. The 1 line winner will get £150, the 2 line winner will receive a bigger £350 prize while if you are the first to call Full House you will snatch the biggest piece of the pie worth £1,500. As you can understand, this game will play on 90 ball bingo, cards cost £1 each and the game will take place early evening at 7pm. The maximum card purchase is 72 but if you cannot afford to buy max cards you can still get a few more the following ways:

Email Tasty Bingo telling them the tastiest thing you’ve done on your holidays and get 250 points

Bingo on the Sun, Airplane and Letter H patterns and get 20 points

For every £1 wagered on bingo games you will get 10 points and

For every £20 wagered on instant games you will get an additional 5 points.

For every 500 tasty points accumulated you will be entitled to an extra free card so start playing so you can play this game with the maximum number of cards allowed.

In anticipation of this awesome game, why don’t you practice your bingo skills this evening, Wednesday June 30th, during the £500 Tasty Treat game playing at 9pm. The cash prize is split into £50 for one line, £150 for two lines and £300 for the Full House and tickets go for £1 each and you can purchase up to 48 cards.

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