If you love to play online bingo and at the same time you are up for a good old Oxford Street shopping spree, then RedBus Bingo is the destination for you. This online bingo game rewards the winner with a cool £150 worth of High Street or leisure vouchers or alternatively you can request the prize money in cash so you can hit all your favourite shops and restaurants in London. The game plays every other Tuesday at 8:45pm in the £150 Oxford St room and tickets cost a low 50p each. The maximum number of tickets you can buy is 48 but remember you must have a funded bingo account in order to participate in this game.

If you are a movie buff, then RedBus Bingo has you covered. Every Wednesday at 9:30pm in the £30 for 1p room you can play the Pics for a Penny game with the winner getting a £30 cash prize to enjoy the latest Hollywood blockbusters at a cinema near you. With tickets costing 1p each you got to love your pennies. The maximum number of tickets for this game is 96.

Other than penny games, online bingo players are madly in love with free bingo games and the people at RedBus Bingo know that so they are giving away £1,000 free every day. What is even more exciting is that you don’t only get one opportunity but three different opportunities at winning the guaranteed jackpots for free. The bingo rooms are open for a limited time only so make the most of it as soon as possible.

The 200 FREE bingo room has a £200 guaranteed jackpot playing daily at 8:15pm while the 300 FREE room hosts a £300 jackpot every day at 9:15pm and finally the 500 FREE room has a big £500 jackpot playing on a daily basis at 10:15pm. Remember, tickets are entirely free because as RedBus Bingo says, there is a such thing as a free ride at RedBus Bingo.

With so many bingo promotions on offer, a very generous 250% welcome bonus on deposits between £5 up to £100 and a 50% cash match bonus on all subsequent deposits, it’s not hard to see why RedBus Bingo is becoming the favourite UK online bingo hotspot.

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