What makes online bingo room Tasty Bingo such a unique proposition against all the other bingo sites, is the fact that they actually try to cater for all tastes. Take the World Cup for example. You would think that most people are relishing the excitement of this event but some people actually think that there is indeed too much football. So Tasty Bingo is having three different bingo promotions, two for football lovers and one for bingo players that don’t like football that much. Whatever the outcome, one thing is for sure, online bingo players will enjoy some fantastic bingo games.

The £600 Tasty Bingo World Cup promotion starts on Friday June 11th and lasts until July 11th and you can score hundreds of pounds in cash prizes. On top of that, you can also win a signed Three Lions t-shirt worn by Gary Lineker during the 1986 World Cup if you are the player to have accumulated the most points.

The cash prizes that are up for grabs in the £600 Tasty Bingo World Cup are as follows:

Week June 11th – June 17th will see the top 20 players win £5 each

Week June 18th – June 24th will see the top 10 players win £10 each

Week June 25th – July 1st will see the top 5 players win £20 each

Week July 2nd – July 11th will see the top player win £150, second place player win £100 and third place player win £50.

You can get those valuable points in one of the following five ways:

250 points for emailing a picture of you at the football

50 points when you bingo on the Golden Football pattern

10 points when you bingo on the Football Pitch, Letter G and clock patterns

5 points for every £1 wagered on bingo games and

1 point for every £20 wagered on instant games

A weekly leaderboard will be updated on a daily basis to show you how close you are at the top on your way to winning the cup.

The other promotion for football lovers will see the winner scoop a £500 cash prize when they bingo on the Golden Ball pattern playing on Sunday, July 11th at 8pm. Cards for this games cost £1 each and you can buy up to 48 cards.

Now for those of you that aren’t particularly looking forward to all the football matches you can play World Cup Revenge and win £800 worth of gaming consoles, electrical gadgets, cash and bonus funds. The competition will play June 11th – July 11th and the top ten players with the most points will win a fantastic prize.

Enjoy bingo delights at Tasty Bingo